Covid-19 : Elite Group Providing an All-Encompassing Service

Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown our team of dedicated engineers, both mobile and on the Service Desk, have kept your buildings maintained ready for your return. Now is the time to prepare for your tenants and employees safe return to the workplace and the ‘new normal’.

We are here, as ever, to help. Any advice, technical assistance please call the Service Desk 0330 119 1648

Within a world of increasing statutory property compliance, building compliance, health and safety and legal obligations it is important to have a property compliance and facilities services partner you can trust, who also have the specialist technical expertise ‘In Group’. Our ‘In Group’ companies can provide these services seamlessly without duplication of administrative tasks and the risk of the loss or dilution of the Building / Portfolio agreed strategy. This is unique to a few companies and even rarer for an SME.

Elite Compliance & Facility Services has that ability and operates within a larger Group with that pedigree.

We will listen to you intently, do our research, develop bespoke solution options, absorb your feedback and then in collaboration develop a Services Strategy for your consideration. Your requirement / instruction may be just to provide the structure, processes, mobilisation and management services of your incumbent supply chain, through to a complete ‘Scope Quality & Value’ analysis. Where appropriate we are able to import partially or wholly our ‘In Group’ Construction, Engineering and Hard & Soft Maintenance Providers to mitigate duplication, improve performance, cost effectiveness and add value back into the process to drive year on year tangible positive results.

Elite Compliance and Facilities – Guiding you through Compliance Requirements