At Elite Managed Services we specialise in planned preventative maintenance; of course most problems can be fixed but we like to think it’s easier to just to prevent these problems occurring. Through a programme of planned maintenance that includes condition surveys, energy audits and asset verification, we know just what is needed to keep your building in good condition and fit for purpose, whether it be an multi-tenanted property or your own head office. We also work with our clients to meet the latest legislative requirements and assist in implementation to ensure your building is without reproach. 

Elite Managed Services seeks to achieve an optimum planned:reactive works ratio so we are prepared for those events that can happen unexpectedly in any building. Our 24/7 365 UK based service desk handles urgent calls and will assign multi-skilled engineers who know the site protocols though our planned maintenance. Should specialist service partners or additional materials be required, our teams have smart technology to enable us to efficiently deploy resources to your site. Elite Managed Services has years of experience in successfully maintaining buildings, working with you to safeguard your asset.

Elite Managed Services – successfully maintaining your buildings